Why do people get addicted to crossword puzzle?

Crossword puzzles are said to be one of the most played word game in the world. It is normally found in the form of a rectangular or square grid of white and black shaded boxes. The ultimate goal is to fill the white squares with letters, forming words or phrases, by solving the given clues that results to the answers. These are found in many forms and types. Crosswords test your organization skills coupled with your grammatical sense and vocabulary.
Crossword puzzle plays a great role in shaping our life by making our brains function properly. Many people spend loads of time on solving a crossword puzzle not only because it’s entertaining but it is highly beneficial too. Programmers and technicians find the grammatical challenge of Crosswords as addictive while scientists consider their own job as a big fuzzy crossword puzzle that needs to be properly synchronized with one another. The common man however loves the beauty of Crosswords as these puzzles are both engaging and refreshing. According to a researcher, the evolution link between acquiring good information and survival may give rise to both consciousness towards the subject and pleasure of problem-solving.
You can get addicted to crossword puzzles for many reasons when you experience streams of pleasure while comprehending and understanding the deep pattern of the clues that would help in completely solving the Crossword puzzle. Crossword puzzles are so popular and captivating as they:
Serve as a source of entertainment
Crosswords are a great source entertainment indeed. They are easily portable and can engage the attention of a number of people together thus providing you the best engagement to spend some leisure time with your friends and family. Not only are they entertaining but they also instil a huge rush of excitement that provokes you to gather proper knowledge essential for solving the puzzle.
Help to build analytical skills
The complexities of the crossword puzzles train the mind to process complex thoughts and improve critical thinking skill. Also it gradually builds analytical skill in a person. An intelligent mind requires regular exposure to exercises in order to sharpen its processing speed and thus solving puzzles facilitates the same with fun and entertainment for a change. Since solving a crossword puzzle requires a great deal of concentration, crosswords help in increasing your dedication towards a subject of interest.
Crossword puzzles are addictive not only because they have the right ingredients for being entertaining and witty but because they energize the neurons in our brains that assures break-free dedication towards solving the puzzle. Crosswords can be termed addictive also because of their structure and nature of play. Unlike most other brain teasers, the uniqueness of crosswords lies in its two staged solving mechanism. One cannot simply solve a crossword puzzle by filling out any word in the grid and at the same time one cannot solve a crossword puzzle only by guessing the answer to the clues. Mastering the art of cracking a crossword puzzle involves properly processing the clues and then selecting the appropriate answer among many related words so that they properly fit into the allotted space and at the same time synchronizes to the answers of other clues intersecting the word. There are however several other reasons to support the addiction towards crosswords which can be summed up as follows:
·         Increases intelligence
Crossword puzzles are so designed they sharpen our brain’s capability and memory capacity, and increase our intelligence and approach towards different subjects. It has been found in a research that development of brain function is enhanced if it is challenged continuously. A crossword puzzle is one of the best methods to do so. As we come across a new word while solving a crossword, a new word is added to our vocabulary which increases our knowledge & intelligence in the long run.
·         Provides relaxation
Solving puzzle provides a great deal of relaxation and fun at the same time. Some people experience tranquillity after a long day at work. Solving puzzles provides relaxation to them after the laborious hours of work. Another aspect of relaxation can be defined by the togetherness involved when you embark on solving a crossword with your family. This not only provides you extreme pleasure but also ensures peaceful mental state.
·         Checking the mood
Indulging in crossword puzzles has successfully changed the mood of a person from bitter to better. This is because a crossword puzzle involves a mix of feelings like tension, fun and excitement which is bound to change your mood after a somewhat bad experience encountered on a particular day. Also Crosswords ensure that you don’t get bored while solving the clues and thus even takes care of properly entertaining your leisure time without affecting you mood or excitement by any means.
·         Personal time
In today’s busy world, many people have a problem to find their own personal time to relax. According to medical experts, indulging in some activity alone in your leisure time is greatly beneficial for health. Some people use crossword puzzle to utilize that lone time to relax and recollect. Thus solving crosswords not only serves as a method to relax but also helps you to enjoy your personal leisure time and experience moments of peace and serenity.
These are few of the many reasons for why people get addicted to crossword puzzles. Some are addicted to solving the puzzle, while some are addicted to crate different puzzles. Although both are different but prove to be beneficial for you in a similar way.
Our life is itself a big crossword puzzle and it takes many a person’s involvement to solve it. Crossword puzzles are for all aged people so whether you are 8 or 80, you are sure to get addicted to the beauty of crosswords and the fun-filled experience wrapping it around. And after a hard day at work, when you delve in successfully solving a complete set of clues associated with the puzzle and fill in the last word to complete the grid, you surely feel like the king of this world. Why won’t you? After all it’s an outcome of your intelligence.