Tips and tricks to solve crosswords without dictionary

Puzzles tend to challenge the mind in finding a solution. This is actually the reason as to why it is always exciting and fun to play puzzles. There are a variety of puzzles available depending on the structure and method of input. For instance, Sudoku deals with numbers while crosswords mainly deal with words. Being a professional at playing crossword is something that does not occur overnight. One needs to practice regularly and find out the simple tricks to solving some types of crosswords. Taking time to study the dictionary always helps when it comes to solving crosswords but it makes the game less interesting. It is thus always advisable to make your brain work hard while finding the answer so that you never feel bored. There are a few tips and tricks that you can use to easily solve crosswords. These tricks can be used by both beginners as well as professionals. When it comes to crossword each and every game is different and it all depends on the level of understanding of the theme of the specific crossword.
Tricks and tips for completing crosswords
Though there are several tricks that one can use to finish a game with ease, the most important trick is constant reading. All crosswords address a certain theme. Constant reading allows one to know various items and get an upper hand when it comes to crosswords. Try not to concentrate in one specific area. Diversify your reading so as to be able to cover several areas. Just a simple knowledge of most topics will give you a certain clue when filling crosswords. Apart from that you get a chance to broaden your knowledge.
When playing the crossword use one specific strategy. All the words in the crossword are related, this means that if you solve one specific clue you get closer to solving the other. The best strategy to use is to follow the clues one by one. For instance if you choose to start with the across section, try to answer all the questions in the section as opposed to answering one across and one down. This way you get an extra clue when you get to the other questions. Once you are able to go three or four rounds you will be able to complete the crossword. It is at times hard to answer all the questions with the first round, the more rounds you are able to go the more you get closer to the answer of a specific question.
Use a pencil and always try out several answers on the side before filling it in the crossword. When filling out a crossword and you end up trying to rub out some of the written answers just end up making the crossword look unorganized. This might end up confusing you in the end. This is why it is advisable to use a pencil and start out with the sides before filling in the blanks in the grid. Even if you are sure of the answer, use a pencil to fill it out so as to have an organized crossword.
Try and figure out if the crafter has a specific theme. Most crossword designers tend to use a certain theme in their crosswords. Some however make it extra challenging by choosing random questions. You will be able to determine the theme by first reading through the clues. One of the benefits of trying to determine the theme is that you get to know whether a specific answer chosen is the right choice. In the case that there is no specific theme just try to find any specific pattern in the questions before starting out the crossword.
Be keen on whether the crafter expects the answer in a different language. It is at times hard to understand the kind of answer they expect but in some cases it is usually direct. For instance, in some simple crosswords they may ask you give the name of an item in French. For the complex puzzles the clue is usually in the phrasing of the question. For instance, if a phrase in the question is written in a different language try out filling the blanks in that language and find out whether it fits. This is why it is important to always keep the complexity of the game in mind.

It is always best to fill out the clues that you are sure of at first. For the ones that one is not sure of, write down the answers on the side and come back to it later. The reason behind this is as mentioned above. Since the crossword is usually interconnected you will get a chance to know whether the other answers fit the blanks or not. Always take time to consider your answer and never be afraid to research. There are various ways in which you can use to find the answer. However, deep research is necessary in all cases. 

Spelling is highly important when it comes to solving crosswords. This is why it is important to always ensure that you have used the right spelling when filling out the blanks. A wrong spelling may end up misguiding you and even end up making you get stuck. Accuracy is highly important when it comes to completing crosswords.
Most importantly and lastly never quit. You should never leave any crossword as unfinished. The main aim of playing the game is to be challenged and still have fun at the same time. Some crosswords are highly complex. When you get stuck while playing the game the best thing to do is to give yourself a break and refresh your mind. In most cases, once you get some time to refresh your mind, the answers usually come up directly. Always ensure that you do not stress yourself when playing the game. Always aim at having fun. These are some of the main tricks and tips that you can use in order to complete the puzzle with ease. Crosswords are usually exciting and help one to refresh their minds.