New Milestone to explore with The New York Times puzzles

New Milestone to explore with The New York Times puzzles

NYT commonly known as New York Times is one of the well renowned American daily newspaper which has been printed daily from 18 September 1851. It is one of the most talked about newspaper and has earned lots of trust and faith from their audiences. Ranked at number 39 when compared to the world’s best newspaper and as number 2 when compared with the Wall Street Journal on the scope of print circulation. The Newspaper is mainly organized into three sections:

1. The first one is News which comprises of National, International, Technology, Science, Metro, health and sports, etc. sections. Their description and the major headlines from these key areas are included.

2. The second section of the newspaper is comprised of the opinions like editorials, Letters written to the editor and Op-Eds.

3. The third section includes the travel, crosswords, Fashion, Style, Home and Garden and Various Magazine and reviews.

The newspaper has been a part of the people lives from almost a century and the audiences have said to have a create a sense of belongingness from the generations. When it comes to awards and recognition the newspaper has received the 117 Pulitzer Award more than any other newspaper, for the excellence of journalism in various categories they have. The newspaper has also won 4 Peabody awards for their excellence in their quality across the years. Since 1996 the New York Times has shown the web presence as well and according to the statistics of 2005, the newspaper is said to have attracted the 555 million audiences towards them. The puzzle or crossword published in the New York Times is a much talked about puzzle all over as people love to tweet about them, solve them and chat about them. The New York Times crosswords have many shades like they are different each day of the week not only they differ in sizes they too differ in their difficulty level too. Like the Sunday crosswords is considered to be one of the difficult puzzles and have the 21 squares * 21 squares solve, whereas in standard days the crossword has 15 squares * 15 squares are there to resolve.

The crosswords of the New York Times have made the news every time and has gained the popularity over the years, especially when celebrities have shown their liking for the puzzle  like former President of America Bill Clinton, Baseball Pitcher Mike Massine, Opera singer Beverly Sills etc. The crosswords are considered as one of the widely circulated and a prestigious puzzles in America. The users can also have the access of the puzzle online via taking the subscriptions and which can be applied online and can have the access to play in any part of the world. The puzzles and the newspaper have followed the subscriptions and people do subscribe for the same and loves to solve them. These Times puzzles have also received a lot of recognition by mentioning in different books of kids and adults. They have been taken and published in the books for people to solve and remember for a long time. If we talk about USA so the readers for whom the New York Times is an essential part of the day has once or twice has generally contributed to one of the crosswords to the newspaper. Beyond the community of the crosswords solver they have an audience like one of the famous puzzle which was published in the November 5, 1996, by one of the writers Jeremiah Farrell, this puzzle is considered as one of the special puzzles because it was published on the day of president election and the clues and the worlds were very much related to the D- Day. This puzzle’s popularity does not stop here it even got featured in one of the famous movies called Wordplay, discussed in many famous TV shows and also in one of the books named as Crossword obsession written by Coral Amande. So these kind of popularity is not received by any crosswords anywhere across the globe.  There are lots of competitions run by the USA itself like World Puzzle Championship and American Crossword Puzzle Tournament to reach the masses in this tournament Will Shortz, who handles the puzzles from New York Times handles the USA team.

The New York Times crosswords have been an inspiration for the hundreds of the puzzle books and the people are looking forward for the more advanced and full of mysterious clues of the same in future. As these puzzles have been one of the milestones in the history and have created lots of rumors in the past and the audiences look forward to a promising future with them as well. The crosswords have been one of the fun elements, in addition to it will help you in increasing your vocabulary and more then it helps in exercising your mind and relaxes it and make you think faster. These puzzles have marked the milestones in their fields and have been one of the most innovative and the best puzzles in the world. Will Shortz, who is handling the puzzles in the New York Times has taken this puzzle to leaps and bounds by putting lots of stuff that makes the readers very shocked at last. These puzzles are one of the kind which Americans can easily relate to their days that are celebrated annually and the famous dates as the clues contains the same randomly. These puzzles have been famous and the parents want their kids to look upon them since childhood. These puzzles have already added upon the limelight of The New York Times and in the future, they