Sudoku: A Challenge

Sudoku (literally meaning “Unmarried Number”) today, one of the most popular puzzles that provide entertainment to people of all ages. Although it can be baffling when you first try to solve one with crossword quiz answers, it has a way of getting you addicted to it, and in time will have you spending hours and hours playing it. In fact, it is slowly stealing the spotlight away from the crossword puzzles we all grew up with. The name of the puzzle sounds foreign and can be a source of different misconceptions. So for this article, we will look into some of the common myths associated with it and clarify things once and for all. 

1.    Sudoku was invented by the Japanese. It is a known fact that this puzzle has been popular in Japan for 25 years now since Nikoli, a local puzzle publishing giant, introduced this to the country’s readers. However, the Japanese did not invent it. Sudoku traces its roots back to the West. A late 19th-century Swiss Mathematician, Leonhard Euler, is credited with the invention of the concept of having a square grid where symbols are placed in the squares with the restriction of having each symbol appear only once in every row and column. This was known as the “Latin Square” and is considered the father of the modern-day Sudoku puzzle. At the time, it was not intended for entertainment, but rather it was intended to be used for statistical and mathematical calculations. Two hundred years later, Howard Garn’s, a retired architect from Indiana, took the Latin Squares concept and created what he called the Number Place puzzle, which was published in 1979 by Dell Magazines. Garn’s creation was improved by Nikoli, a Japanese puzzle publisher, and became the Sudoku puzzle we know of today.     
2.    Sudoku Requires Advance Mathematics When people see a Sudoku puzzle, the first thing that comes to mind is Mathematics. I think it’s safe to say that majority of the population either fear or hate Math and tried hard to avoid it in school. This is the reason given by a majority of those who are new to the puzzle as to why they would rather not play it or play through crossword quiz answers. Sudoku has nothing to do with math or the use of any mathematical equation. You may see numbers 1 to 9 being placed in the squares and grids, but numbers aren’t the only thing that can be used in the puzzle. Its father, the Latin Squares, used to contain Latin symbols and not numbers. In fact, you can use any set of 9 symbols to replace the numbers, e.g. Hieroglyphs, shapes, letters, colors, etc. The only thing that is required in this puzzle is a logic. Some people may argue with me and say that logic is within the domains of math, but allow me to correct that misconception as well. Logic actually gave birth to math, not the other way around. Thus, it is safe to say that math cannot claim a monopoly on logic, and actually, the opposite is true.

3.    A Sudoku Puzzle Can Be Solved Using Different Solutions:  A properly constructed Sudoku puzzle can only have one solution or crossword quiz answers. That is the standard and rule that cannot be broken. No exceptions whatsoever. You may be scratching your head now thinking that’s not possible since maybe you were able to solve a puzzle and come up with a different solution than the puzzle creator gave. If that happened, then the puzzle you solved was not properly constructed and you may want to find another Sudoku puzzle publisher to provide you better puzzles. If you look forward to creating a Sudoku, then you will find there is a mastermind is required to create one as there are already similar to you in the market is already being created. The crosswords have been one of a kind of the people that they have been through, but of course, it’s a kind of masterpiece for admirers. 

The puzzles should not just look forward to a fun element, rather they should look like an element that is sufficient to provide you the knowledge and the time that you spend with them is one of the best time The element in their Sudoku has existed for years and have reached the homes or workplaces of the people, some people are so obsessive about them that they can’t go to sleep without solving one of the Sudoku. The puzzles just saw like one of the fun elements have created wonders with the passing years and people has recognized them as one of the essential element in their daily lives. The best part with the Sudoku is that they are available and can be played by anyone, even a housewife or a student can master the same and can stand in competition as he can solve the same in the minimum amount of time than you. 

This quality has made the puzzle as one of the best utility for some people. They can be found in books, magazines and in lot many kinds of literature, but they are best found in newspapers as you will see a new puzzle on a daily basis that is published and you will find the answers of the same in the coming editions, this mystery is enough to maintain the suspense for very next day as they love to see the answers to the matching puzzles. However, it is a fact that there are about 5 billion possible Sudoku puzzles that use different grids. Astoundingly, there are more than six sextillion permutations available for correct answers. So this means that you will not run out of puzzles to solve in your lifetime!